Amsterdam, 08/09/2015

We are very happy to announce the successful deployment of “The Reseller Tenant”. As a provider you’ll be able to create “Resellers” and “Companies” in the provider user interface in the “Organizations” tab.

With the reseller functionality Kwebbl creates a 4th tenant in their User Interface. From now on you’ll be able to create new resellers under your provider login. Resellers can login with the created credentials and are able to add companies in their own “Resell Portal”. If wanted the “ Resell Portal” can be fully white labelled with their own logo’s and url. Providers can assign  numbers to the reseller or to the companies in the “Number management” tab in the Provider Panel. Resellers, of course, can only assign numbers to their “Companies”

For more information please contact Kwebbl’s Operational team, by email or phone.