Amsterdam, 19/12/2014

Kwebbl Smart Cloud Communications introduces a fully integrated fixed-mobile convergence solution for her platform, at the same time it also launches the worlds first open Fixed Mobile connector which allows (virtual) mobile operators to easily connect with the Kwebbl platform.

With the fixed-mobile convergence functionality mobile phones on the Kwebbl platform are treated in the same way as fixed phones. After provisioning a mobile phone the SIM card will behave just like an IP telephone and will allow the user to use all PBX functionality of the Kwebbl Platform. In this way the mobile phone will act as a fully integrated part of the company’s PBX.

Where in fixed telephony the customer has a wide choice between, for example, fixed phones and Internet providers most Fixed-Mobile solutions offer little choice over which mobile operator to use. By providing the flexibility for mobile operators to easily connect to the platform Kwebbl is taking a unique position: (end)customers should have the freedom to choose from multiple mobile providers and networks.


I am proud of the fact that our young company has managed to merge the techniques of fixed and mobile telephony. This will make sure that our customers will no longer suffer from the complexity of both worlds and will allow them to simply serve their customers with an innovative and powerful communication platform, irrespective of the type of device used.

Ab Trik, CEO Kwebbl


The choice of an open and unified connector is fully consistent with the vision of our technical team: through open API’s and partnerships Kwebbl can be part of a larger ecosystem of Apps and 3rd party Integrations. For this reason the whole Kwebbl platform has actually been built around open APIs which can easily and safely be accessed.

Jochem van de Weerthof, CTO Kwebbl


By providing the flexibility for mobile operators to easily connect to the Kwebbl platform our customers will have more freedom in choosing mobile providers whilst using the unique advantages of the Kwebbl platform.

Ivo de Vries, CCO Kwebbl


About Kwebbl Smart Cloud Communications

Kwebbl was founded early 2013 as part of the Digifoon Group with offices in Amsterdam, Switzerland and Ukraine. In Ukraine a development team set out to develop a brand new cloud communications platform. Using the latest internet and cloud technologies a scalable and secure system was built with an all-important focus on the user experience of the end-users. Kwebbl operates this platform from multiple data centers and ensures continuous innovation, allowing hosted voice and other service providers to focus on customers instead of technology.


PR Contact:

Ivo J. de Vries, CCO Kwebbl
Telephone: +31 (0)203080700