Amsterdam, 20/10/2016

Kwebbl, one of the fastest growing Smart Cloud Communications-platforms in Europe, has added 2 significant functionalities to its platform. The first is that calls can be encrypted by using the techniques of SRTP and TLS. Companies can choose that calls will be encrypted so that they can no longer be eavesdropped. Further Kwebbl announces the release of the Realtime API. The Realtime API allows clients and third party developers to integrate a multitude applications and new features.

Via the released technical specifications Software Engineers can easily implement the Realtime API into a third party application. The Realtime API brings a bunch of events and call actions that will allow flexible integrations with 3rd party and custom software. Events include call being started, answered, transferred, recorded, etcetera, whilst actions include starting calls stopping calls and transferring calls. Use cases that could be created with this API includes amongst others:

  • Call me back on an ecommerce site
  • Customer Card popups in CRM
  • Automatically open tickets in an inbound support call center
  • Show the BLF status of all co-workers in an online company guide
  • Click to dial from an online company phone book

About Kwebbl Smart Cloud Communications
Kwebbl was founded in 2013 and is a part of the Digifoon Group. The company has offices in Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine. Ukraine’s own development team has built a completely new cloud communication platform. Using the latest internet and cloud technologies, the team has built a scalable and secure system, focusing mainly on user experience. Combining this specialized in-house development team with its own platform – which operates completely GEO redundant via a variety of European datacenters – Kwebbl continuously ensures innovation and technical stability. This enables service providers to focus on their customers instead of technology.