Cloud Native

Moving a communications system to a datacenter does not make it a cloud communications platform. Kwebbl was developed from scratch and born in the cloud in 2013. Open standards, an asynchronous and modular core, and the latest VoIP and UC technologies make it the worlds first truely smart cloud communications platform for the 21st century.

Cloud Native Distributed

Unlike traditional systems, with a master-slave fail-over setup, Kwebbl is a true cloud platform where data and functionalities are automatically distributed over the systems worldwide. This makes the platform resilient for datacenter mishaps.

Cloud Native Geo Redundant

With multiple datacenters in Europe, and expansion scheduled in Asia and the USA for 2014, end points will automatically register with the closest available datacenters. If the closest datacenter is unavailable, the endpoint will automatically fail over to another available datacenter.

Cloud Native Adding capacity

In true cloud fashion, system capacity scales with load and user requirements. We can easily scale server capacity, either by provisioning modules in our private cloud or by scaling out to third party cloud providers. Our modular approach ensures that we can scale out exactly those modules that are under load, without having to duplicate our whole infrastructure.

Easy to use

A smart cloud communications platform starts with a smart user interface. Kwebbl is the world's first cloud communications platform designed from scratch for the post-PC era.

Easy to use Multiple panels

Users, admins and operators are able to configure their systems on the device of their liking. Quickly, easily and reliably.

Easy to use Unique features

The future is mobile, and of course kwebbl supports mobile endpoints (via WiFi or GSM) as well as fixed end points (SIP). Our smart and learning fraud detection protects users, companies and service providers from the bad guys that roam the internet these days.

Easy to use Desktop and Tablets

Touch devices are just as easy to use as keyboard and mouse. End users are empowered to configure their personal accessibility, and admins can easily manage groups, numbers and dial plans.

Easy to use Drag and Drop

Dial plan construction is a simple matter of dragging and dropping the basic elements into the desired flow. Changes are immediately effected thoughout the entire platform, and can always be rolled back because of the intrinsic versioning capabilities of the underlying database.

Easy to use Smart

Each basic element can be configured in an intuitive manner. Adjusting delays, setting date and time, user management - it's a matter of pointing and adjusting.

Communication & Collaboration

For organizations of any size, large and small, professional communication with customers makes the difference between success and failure. Kwebbl provides the most advanced features to ensure incoming calls are processed reliably, quickly and efficiently.

Communication & Collaboration IVR

Powerful Interactive Voice Response menus can easily be constructed using the patent drag and drop interface, to ensure a caller is quickly connected to the proper department or person.

Communication & Collaboration Queue

Callers can be queued when lines are busy, and processed by any number of available agents in round-robin, priority, hunt group and other fashions, whichever is most appropriate.

Communication & Collaboration And many more apps

Kwebbl comes with an extensive collection of basic apps to build dial plans that meet even the most elaborate requirements. The Kwebbl API allows providers to develop their own apps, for example to connect to a specific CRM as part of the dial plan.